Rural Development Programme: information in English

On 13 February 2015 the European Commission adopted the Flemish Rural Development Programme (RDP III).

The Flemish government defined four strategic goals for the RDP III:

  • Investing in young farmers and the future of the Flemish agricultural sector
  • Investing in innovation and education
  • Focusing on the increase of viability and sustainability of the agricultural sector, both economically and ecologically
  • Enhancing the vitality of the countryside through a qualitative embedding of the strong evolving Flemish agricultural sector.

These four strategic goals were used as a guideline for the development of the RDP III measures. Flanders has been allocated 287.758.881 euros for the implementation of EAFRD and will invest the same amount of money itself. As a result, all measures will be paid for by Europe and by Flanders, every entity accounting to 50%.

In addition to the EAFRD budget that was initially allocated, Flanders will from 2016 onwards, also transfer 96.007.000 euros from the first Pillar (direct support) to the second Pillar. Flanders’ total budget regarding RDP III will then amount to 671.524.762 euros.

You can find more information about the Flemish Rural Development Programme in the brochure RDP III, where also the structure of the RDP and the different measures are described.


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