Challenges for agriculture and horticulture, Agriculture Report 2018

Kris Roels, Sylvie Danckaert, Guy Lambrechts, Tom Van Bogaert, Dirk Vervloet and Ewout Zwaenepoel

December 2019

Challenges for agriculture and horticulture

The seventh edition of the Flemish Agriculture Report (LARA) was published in 2018.

The report deals with the challenges for Flemish agriculture and horticulture. At the same time, it provides a detailed description of the subsectors. A SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) also takes place per subsector. Between the chapters, experts from policy, research and civil society give their vision on challenges faced by Flemish agriculture and how the sector should deal with them.

This is a translation of the chapter ’Challenges for agriculture and horticulture’, in which we describe the international and European challenges for the agricultural sector and the specific challenges for Flanders.

You’ll find the entire report in Dutch on our website.

© Flemish Government, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Roels K., Danckaert S., Lambrechts G., Van Bogaert T., Vervloet D. & Zwaenepoel E. (eds.) (2019) Challenges for agriculture and horticulture, Agriculture Report 2018, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Brussels.