Food for thought - Agriculture and Fisheries Report 2016

Jonathan Platteau, Dirk Van Gijseghem, Tom Van Bogaert, Anne Vuylsteke & Bart Merckaert

May 2017

Food for thought

The sixth edition of the Flemish Agriculture and Fisheries Report (LARA / VIRA) was published in 2016. As the central theme is food, the report is entitled 'Food for thought'. The report is a description of the whole Flemish food system.

We describe what the Flemish eat, what attitudes, behaviors and trends play a role and what the economic, environmental and social consequences are. We analyze the different Flemish food supply chains and indicate the importance of distribution, processing and production. To meet the challenges of the Flemish food system we conclude with a set of recommendations.

This is a translation of the summary of the report.

You’ll find the entire report in Dutch on

Cover Food for thought

© Flemish Government, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Platteau J., Van Gijseghem D. Van Bogaert T., Vuylsteke A. & Merckaert B. (eds.) (2017) Food for thought. Voedsel om over na te denken. Summary, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Brussel.