Production account of Flemish agriculture and horticulture, 2009

Els Bernaerts, Els Demuynck and Jonathan Platteau

December 2009

The year 2009 is characterised by a historically low global income in agriculture and horticulture. The net added value per unit of labour is 21,941 Euros. Compared to 2008, this value dropped by 2.5% and, compared to 2007, by 33.2%. After the highly successful year 2007 Flemish farmers and horticulturalists were faced with very low incomes in 2008 and 2009. In 2008 this was due to the high costs of animal feeds, fertiliser and energy, among other things. In 2009 the pricing of a large number of agricultural and horticultural products remained below standard.

The end production value of the sales-intensive Flemish agriculture and horticulture sector in 2009 is estimated at 4,483 million Euros, a sharp decrease compared to 2008 (-9.3%). In all sectors the production value has been adjusted downwards, but the decrease is strongest in the cattle breeding sector.

Cattle breeding is the main sub-sector in Flanders (60.1% of the total end production value), with pork, beef and milk as its most important products. In 2009 the global value of cattle breeding products was 2,696 million Euros, a decrease by 10.1% compared to 2008. With the exception of the status quo for beef and eggs, the decrease can be seen in all sub-sectors. The volume of sales of the dairy sector dropped the most (-29.3%).

The production value of horticulture products is estimated at 1,388 million Euros, a 7.9% decrease. The decrease is present in 3 sub-sectors (vegetables -8.8%, fruit -11.8% and ornamental plant cultivation -4.0%). Horticulture accounts for 31.0% of the total production value, with vegetables as its largest sector.

Arable farming in Flanders is less important in terms of production value. Its share in the end production value is 8.9%. In 2009 the value of arable products was 399 million Euros, which means a decrease by 8.7% compared to 2008.

Intermediate consumption dropped (-10.8%), but remained at a very high level (3,373 million Euros). There was a remarkable decrease in 2009 in the costs of animal feeds, energy and fertilisers.

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Bernaerts E., Demuynck E.& Platteau J. (2008)
Productierekening van de Vlaamse land- en tuinbouw 2008
Departement Landbouw en Visserij, afdeling Monitoring en Studie, Brussel.



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